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About Our PTA

August 2023


Dear B-CC Families –


Welcome and welcome back to the school year 2023-24! This note comes with the best wishes for our entire community for a healthy, happy, and joyful year. We are hopefully moving away from the long shadow of Covid and rediscovering our wonderful community.


The P-T-S in PTSA stands for Parents, Teachers, and Students – but it should spell another word: help. Because we are here to help: At its core, the mission of the PTSA is partnering with Dr. Mooney and the entire school for a stronger, better BCC, whether that is to help answer families’ questions, provide timely and clear communications, assist our families in economic need through our award-winning B-CC Cares Program, support the college and career process through our College Advisory Committee, thank teachers and staff, cover vital academic and socialemotional needs, help support and fund student clubs, run an Open Gym during cold-weather lunch periods, provide community events and meetings, offer dedicated support to our Black and Latino families and all families of color, organize the Used Book Sale, provide volunteers for school events, advocate for all B-CC families, work hand in hand with student leaders, and so much more.


Our priority is to make the high school experience the best we can for our students, our families, our teachers and staff, and our entire school community. Please join our free listserv for the latest news and information and to ask questions. We welcome all your ideas and any time that you can spare. We very much appreciate your financial support, as the needs are great, and we need to have a school that works for everyone.


Above all, I’m exceedingly grateful for PTSA volunteers who selflessly do so much to benefit our students, our staff, and our school — it truly takes a Village, and we have an amazing one. AND if you’d like to get involved, we would love to have you in any role possible — I promise you will meet a lot of wonderful people as well (on that, I speak from experience!).


With thanks and gratitude, Laurie Bolt, B-CC PTSA President, and the entire B-CC PTSA Executive Board

Your PTSA Contributions at Work!

We're fortunate to hear "I can't thank the PTSA enough for their support!" 


Great Examples of Your Donations at Work:

  • B-CC Cares: On-site School Pantry, personal care items, a full Holiday House, and other vital supports for economically vulnerable students – including a special response for the 30 students impacted by the Friendly Gardens Explosion in spring 2022. 

  • Covering participation fees for clubs so all students can participate

  • Providing special gatherings and meals for all teachers and staff to say thank you and you are appreciated!

  • Providing special events, activities, and features for Homecoming and Prom

  • Providing spirit wear for 9th grade

  • Providing mental health supports, resources, and fun activities for student wellness days

  • Providing equipment for Open Gym

  • Sponsoring special treat days for students and student recognition 

  • Supporting student government and leadership programs and outreach to students

  • Supporting student publications with stipends

  • College Advisory Committee work: covering the costs of college information events, expert presentations, test prep and essay help, and providing open access to all families through free Zoom sessions

  • Free listserv for all families

  • Free Zoom recordings of meetings and events

  • Free website access

  • Translation services 

  • Helping support immediate educational and institutional needs at B-CC 


Your donations and support of the PTSA make all this possible!

PTA Values







BCC PTSA Executive Board


Co-Vice Presidents:  
Support & Appreciation

Marci McCoy Roth &

Rosemary Berger

Vice President: Student Engagement/ Peer Parents/ Volunteers

Kerry Green  &

Erin Harcourt 

Co-Vice Presidents:
Student and Family Support, Health and Wellness, Counseling Advisory


Vice President: Inclusive (Special) Education

Beth Pruski

Dubraska Vale

Co-Vice Presidents:  Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity

Lisa Taylor - Diversity Parents Council Subcommittee, NAACP Rep

Brigid Slipka - LGBTQ+ Rep

TBC - Latino Families Rep

Co-Vice Presidents: BCC Cares

Meg McKinney &

Karen Trackman

Secretary, Recording

Trish Kennedy Vieira 

2nd Secretary

Emily Nichols Grossi


Haya Berman Hakim


Katya Marin

Cluster Rep

Molly Chehak

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